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Spectrum Studio produces world-class, compelling, and memorable creative content for in-house projects and clients.

We develop an in depth understanding of our clients' needs by listening to them. We want to know your biggest challenges, your goals, your ultimate vision. This can often be summarized in one question,"what is your story?"

By getting to the core of your organizations' story we can help you attract and motivate employees, close deals and create a loyal base of customers and influential advocates.

In a competitive world crowded with branded messaging, we can help you cut through the clutter and touch people's hearts and minds.

Esaja.com - For African Business

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Esaja.com is an online platform that enables any business in Africa to reach buyers and suppliers across the continent.

Lotus Dental Outreach

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Lotus Dental Outreach is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide dental education and care to under-served rural populations in Zimbabwe, and ultimately Southern Africa.

Contact: LDentalO@gmail.com

Balanced Insight

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A motion graphics piece for business analytics company Balanced Insight. All the design elements were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated using Adobe After Effects.

Balanced Insight - More BI, Less BS.


N.E.C. - "It's Right"

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Music video for Atlanta psychadelic rock band the N.E.C's song "It's Right"


Sean Falyon - "Inside Her"

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Music video for Sean Falyon's "Inside Her" (produced by SMKA).
Director: Diwang Valdez
Editor & VFX: Kombo Chapfika.

Samuel Jackson - "What!"

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A motion graphics piece paying homage to Samuel Jackson's epic rant/monologue in Pulp Fiction.

Dogface and Bubblehead

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A surreal short shot in Chattsworth, GA, USA..

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